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Welcome to the Department of Education, Siddhinath Mahavidyalaya, this Dept. started from the inception of the college with Honours and General Degree course Since 2013. Etymologically the word `Education ‘ emerged from latin root educati `Educare’ which means `to led out or bring forth’. Education is an enlightening experience through imparting knowledge, developing the power of judgment and preparing students intellectually for mature life. In this Undergraduate Education program, we are dedicated to fostering a dynamic and creative environment that encourage critical thinking, understanding systematic instruction and creating value system in oneself.

This department was enriched with a group of dedicated teachers how always try their level best to extract the hidden talent from their students, so that they come out with flying colors exploring their best in all scholastic and non- scholastic activities. This department regularly conduct seminars, workshops and specials lectures for the upliftment of their those two years of COVID era, the department has organized has organized more than 30(thirty) online programmes/webinars consists of international workshop, international seminar and special lecture programmes on celebrating teacher day, Gandhi Birthday, Swamiji Birthday, mental helthday students paper presentation on women empowerment, Independence day, cultural programme, Webinar, Research Methodology Workshop, etc. students regularly participate in sports culture activity NSS related activities., Educational Excursion, study visit, Outrih programme etc. the departmental teachers regularly participate and present papers in seminars and conferences, worked as resource person and worked as paper setter examiner, Scrutinies, modaretor at vidyasagar University and other academic institutions.

Details of Programs Offered by the Department:

Programme Level of Study Cut of Marks at entry level
B.A. Education(Honours) UG As per University Rule
B.A. Education(General)


Sl.No. Date Title Download


Sl.No. Date Title Download
124 May 2024Education._ 4Yr. Hons. Prog.Download
224 May 2024Education_ 3Yr. MDP. Prog.Download
324 May 2024Education Hons. syllabusDownload
424 May 2024Education Gen syllabusDownload
523 Mar 20244 Year B.A. (Honours) Major in EducationDownload
623 Mar 20243-Year B.A. (Multidisciplinary Studies) with EducationDownload
723 Mar 2024U.G. CBCS Education HonoursDownload
823 Mar 2024U.G. CBCS Education GeneralDownload

Lesson Plan

Sl.No. Date Title Download

Notice Board

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Teaching Methods

  1. Classroom Lectures
  2. Tutorial Assignments.
  3. Student Seminar and Group Discussion.
  4. Special Lectures.
  5. Teaching through ICT.

Special Activities

Wall Magazine:

Our dept. wall magazine started its journey from 2019, it encompasses a wide range of purposes including communication, students’ expression and creativity, education, community building, aesthetics and promotion of various activities.

  1. 26 September, 2019
  2. Name of Wall Magazine: PROTISPORDHI
  3. Writing Contributed by: Students of Dept. of Education

Protispordhi 2021-2022

Protispordhi 2021-2022

Protispordhi 2022-2023

Freshers’ Welcome :

Every year our department organizes Fresher’s event at dept. of education. It include a positive and inclusive environment, helping new students integrate in to the community and creating a memorable experience with cultural program, fun and enjoyment.

Farewell Ceremony :

Every year our department organizes Farewell Ceremony at dept. of education. Junior students of the dept. of education organized this ceremony to bid Farewell to senior most students. The teachers welcome and bless the students for their bright future. The students happily give feedback how they spend their days in this college.

Seminar / Workshop / Webinar


In this Covid situation our department organized more than 30 Webinars and online Workshop to disseminate knowledge and to engage the teachers and students in an academic atmosphere.

Seminar / workshop:

Our department regularly organizes of line workshop and seminars for the students, training and development of the faculties.

Sl. No.Date / DurationTitle of Seminars / WorkshopsLevelTypeOrganizarDownload
115th August, 202175th Independence Day : Kothay Kobitay GaaneCollege LevelWebinarOrganized By Siddhinath MahavidyalayaDownload
25th July, 2021Workshop on Psychosocial Support for Covid Pandemic ConditionState LevelWorkshopOrganized By Siddhinath Mahavidyalaya In Collaboration With Mahatma Gandhi National Council Of Rural Education(Mgncre), Ministry Of Education, Govt. Of IndiaDownload
38th March, 2021International Women's DayCollege LevelWebinarOrganized By Siddhinath MahavidyalayaDownload
426th January, 2021Republic Day CelebrationNational LevelWebinarOrganized By Siddhinath MahavidyalayaDownload
523rd January, 2021National Youth Day 2021State LevelWebinarOrganized By Siddhinath MahavidyalayaDownload
610th Oct, 2020World Mental Health DayState LevelWebinarOrganized By Siddhinath MahavidyalayaDownload
72nd Oct, 2020Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti-Organized By Siddhinath MahavidyalayaNational LevelWebinarOrganized By Siddhinath MahavidyalayaDownload
827th Sept, 2020Celebration of the Birth Anniversary of Pandit Iswar Chandra VidyasagarInternational LevelWebinarOrganized By Siddhinath MahavidyalayaDownload
920th Sept, 2020Biology WebinarCollege LevelWebinarOrganized By Siddhinath MahavidyalayaDownload
107th Sept, 2020Teacher's DayNational LevelWebinarOrganized By Siddhinath MahavidyalayaDownload
1116th August 2020"Recent Trends In Mathematics"-New DimensionInternational LevelWebinarOrganized By Siddhinath MahavidyalayaDownload
1212nd August 2020International Webinar On "Gender Advertisement & Disability Politics"International LevelWebinarOrganized By Siddhinath MahavidyalayaDownload
136th & 7th August, 2020MusicNational LevelWebinarOrganized By Siddhinath MahavidyalayaDownload
144th August 2020Career Advancement Scheme For College TeachersCollege LevelWebinarOrganized By Siddhinath MahavidyalayaDownload
152nd to 3rd August 2020Spss WorkshopCollege LevelWorkshopOrganized By Siddhinath MahavidyalayaDownload
1616th to 22nd July 2020Research Methodology Workshop( 7 Days)College LevelWorkshopOrganized By Dept.Of Edn, Siddhinath Mahavidyalaya and Pailan College Of EducationDownload
1713th to 15th July 2020Webinar On Physical EducationNational LevelWebinarOrganized By Dept.Of Phy. Edn, Siddhinath MahavidyalayaDownload
1810th July, 2020Bio-Molecular Identification By Infra-Red SpectroscopyNational LevelWebinarOrganized By Siddhinath MahavidyalayaDownload
1919th June, 2020Mental Health And Well Being During Covid 19National LevelWebinarOrganized By Siddhinath MahavidyalayaDownload

Add-On Course:

  1. “Gender Equality” -3rd February to 13th February 2020
  2. “Teaching Aptitude and Research Aptitude” – 1st March to 17th March, 2022
  3. “Disability and Assessment” – 22-31st March, 2023
  4. “Research and Practice” – 20th April to 3rd May, 2023

Tree Plantation Program:

Educational Excursion:

An educational excursion, also known as a field trip or educational outing, is a journey outside the regular classroom environment that is designed to enhance students' learning experiences. These excursions provide students with opportunities to explore and interact with the real world, allowing them to gain practical insights and hands-on experiences related to their academic studies.

Departmental Tour to Mayapur, Murshidabad (February, 2020)

Departmental Tour to Bishnupur, Mukutmonipur

Departmental Tour to Bishnupur, Mukutmonipur

Departmental Tour to Patratu Valley and Dasam Falls

Departmental Tour to Patratu Valley and Dasam Falls

Infrastructure Available In The Department:

Total Number of ICT enabled classrooms 01
Total number of smart classrooms 01
Internet connection wifi for Teachers only
Departmental Library 01
Total number of Books in Departmental Library 50

Results (Last 5 Years)

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Placement and Progression

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Our Faculty

Dr. Shyamasree Sur
Assistant Professor & HOD
MA, M.Ed, M.Phil, Ph.D
Ms. Moumity Maity
State Aided College Teacher (SACT)
Mr. Debasis Sasmal
State Aided College Teacher (SACT)
Sk. Mojammal Hossain
State Aided College Teacher (SACT)

Departmental Gallery