Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


Siddhinath Mahavidyalaya set off on its journey with a vision. Since the very inception of its journey the institution has been cherishing a dream of enrolling the students emphatically the girl students belonging to socio-economically weaker sections of its local ambit into higher studies. This rural college focuses on the eradication of the negligence of higher education.

This institution spotlights the shaded mental state of the rural backward classes reluctant to progressive education. It beyond its so-called institutional exercises plays a pivotal role of the catalyst bringing the indifferent into the light of a different world- a world transforming the utopian ideas into the fact in relation to opportunities of higher studies. So to say, since 2013 Siddhinath Mahavidyalaya has been playing the role of a beacon light to all the aspirants of various strata of the society to navigate and anchor them safely into the harbours of self-identity and self-establishment.


Following the famous dictum “If your path is beautiful, first confirm where it leads to; but if your destination is beautiful, go ahead how the path is” our glorious institution has also set up a few objectives or missions for the betterment of the students as they are the pilgrims of this holy temple of learning. Pages of the history of our college tell us that since the maiden day of our college girl students from tribal sections, minority and economically backward society have been admitted here at a large scale. So, the mottos of our college are as follows:

  1. To scatter the seeds of education in every corner of these rural and remote areas.
  2. To boost up confidence among the deprived sections that education is open to all.
  3. An educated girl can radically change the scenario of her family.
  4. Dropout boys and girls should be encouraged to be enlightened by the light of education.
  5. To eliminate superstitions and old beliefs among parents through students.