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Welcome to the Philosophy Department of Siddhinath Mahavidyalaya, the Department started from the inception of the College with Honours and General course. Philosophy, often regarded as the “love of wisdom”, is an intellectual exploration that seeks to unravel the fundamental questions of existence, knowledge, morality, and reality. In our undergraduate philosophy program, we are dedicated to fostering a dynamic and engaging environment that encourages critical thinking, reasoned argumentation, and a deep reflection on the complexities of the human experience.

It was enriched with dedicated teachers who always tried their level best for academic upliftment of students. Extension lectures/seminars had been arranged and students used to participate in NSS related activities, Sports, cultural programmes/dance performances, excursion/ study visit etc. Teachers of the Dept. used to participate in College Seminars, workshops, various cultural programmes, sports, seminars of different academic institutions.

Details of Programs Offered by the Department:

Programme Level of Study Cut of Marks at entry level
B.A. Philosophy(Honours) UG As per University Rule
B.A. Philosophy(General)


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Sl.No. Date Title Download
124 May 2024Philosophy_ 4Yr. Hons. Prog.Download
224 May 2024Philosophy_ 3Yr. MDP. Prog.Download
324 May 2024Philosophy Hons. Revised Syllabus (2022-23)Download
424 May 2024Philosophy Hons. syllabusDownload
524 May 2024Philisophy Gen syllabusDownload
609 Mar 2024Philosophy HonoursDownload

Lesson Plan

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Notice Board

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Teaching Methods

  1. Classroom Lectures
  2. Tutorial Assignments.
  3. Student Seminar and Group Discussion.
  4. Special Lectures.
  5. Teaching through ICT.


Wall Magazine:

The department has Wall magazine named "ATMABIT" (KNOWER OF SELF). It refers to the self- realization One’s true nature, which is believed to be the same as the ultimate reality. This realization leads to the removal of ignorance and the cessation of suffering. It can have various impact on students-

  1. Self-awareness: It can promote introspection and self-reflection among students, encouraging them to explore their own identities and beliefs.
  2. Personal growth: Understanding the concept of the "knower of self" can lead to personal growth and development as students strive to understand themselves better and align their actions with their true selves.
  3. Cultural appreciation: It can help students appreciate the depth and richness of Indian philosophy, providing them with insights into a different cultural perspective.
  4. Spiritual exploration: For some students, it may spark an interest in exploring spiritual practices or philosophies that can lead to a deeper understanding of the self and the universe.
  5. Academic interest: It can generate interest in the study of philosophy, psychology, and other related fields, leading students to explore these subjects further.

Overall, the impact of such concepts in a college wall magazine can be profound, fostering a sense of self-discovery and intellectual curiosity among students.

Freshers’ Welcome

Every Year our Department Organizes Fresher’s Welcome event at Dept. of Philosophy. It creats a positive and inclusive environment, helping new students intrgrate in to the community and creating a memorableexperience with cultural programme, fun and enjoyment.

Farewell Ceremony

Philosophy department organized a farewell ceremony for the last year/semester students. Students and teachers shared their memories. Teachers wished good luck to the students for their upcoming life and told them to go ahead.

Student Seminar

Our department organized Student-seminar on ‘WESTERN ETHICS’. All students participated spontaneously and gave their Presentation.

Special Lecture

Our Department organized a special lecture on ‘Vivekananda O Narisamaj’. Dr. Paromita roy, HOD Dept. of Philosophy, panskura Banamali College, gave this lecture.

Add-On Course:

Department organized a ten days Add-On Course on “Know your Constitutions”. Students were actively participated this Add-On Course.

Tree Plantation Program:

Philosophy Department has organized a tree plantation programmed, students are carried few flowering Plants and they were successfully planted in the tub.

Cultural Programmede:

Departmental student actively participate various cultural programmed of our college. Teachers are encourage students for participate various programmed.

Infrastructure Available In The Department:

Total Number of ICT enabled classrooms 01
Total number of smart classrooms 01
Internet connection wifi for Teachers only
Departmental Library 01
Total number of Books in Departmental Library 38

Results (Last 5 Years)

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Placement and Progression

Name of Student Year Placement / Progression

Our Faculty

Maitrayee Parui
State Aided College Teacher (SACT)
M.A. / B.Ed. /SET
Ananda Pahari
State Aided College Teacher (SACT)
Dipanwita Ghana
State Aided College Teacher (SACT)
M.A. / B.Ed.
Palash Bhunia
State Aided College Teacher (SACT)

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